APU 2020 Major Seminar II


演習のテーマ / Seminar Theme
International law and the COVID-19 response measures
演習の目標 / Seminar Objectives
Students will be able to explain international legal issues related to COVID-19 pandemic response measures by states and international organizations.
演習の運営方法 / Ways of Conducting This Seminar
Students will be divided into groups and will get assigned to a treaty regime that sets out relevant international legal rules to COVID-19 pandemic response (see the tentative list of treaty regimes below). In groups, students will study rules and procedures set out by the assigned treaty regime under the guidance of the Instructor. Each week, one group will present their findings of the treaty regime and explain its function to other students. The group will also answer questions raised by the audience. In this way, students will mutually learn about different dimensions of global health governance through a legal lens.

(Tentative list)
The WHO Regime: The International Health Regulation (2005) and its application to information-sharing, travel ban, and other central measures
Human Rights Treaty Regime: The principles governing quarantine, privacy protection etc.
The WTO Regime: The potential trade restrictions and intellectual property rights issues.
開講言語 / Language
The use of Japanese will not be prohibited, but most of the discussions and reading materials will be in English.
使用するテキスト・参考文献などの紹介 / Texts and materials
Students will be required to conduct a broad and deep research using library and online resources.
As the moment of writing this Syllabus, a good starting point is: Armin von Bogdandy & Pedro Villarreal, "International Law on Pandemic Response: A First Stocktaking in Light of the Coronavirus Crisis", Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law & International Law (MPIL) Research Paper No. 2020-07
受講生に望むこと / Expectations for Students
Students taking this seminar must be committed and willing to pursue teamwork.
ゼミ相談時間及びそれに関するコメント / Consultation Dates
Office Hour (Wed., 3rd period)
Please send an e-mail to set an appointment.
この演習科目と関わって履修が望ましい科目 / Relevant Courses
International law EA, Human Rights EA/JA, Globalization and Law JA
想定される進路 / Potential Career Paths
Students can acquire legal analytical mindset and skills, which are not only relevant for a legal career, but also in the field of diplomacy, international and domestic public sector, business, media, and social sector. 
ゼミで使用するオンラインデータベース / Online Databases
HeinOnline, JSTORE and other
申請結果発表後、履修開始までにやっておいて欲しいこと / Preparation before the Seimar Starts
Please carefully follow the progress related to COVID-19.