APU 2021 Major Seminar I

International law
演習の目標 / Seminar Objectives
After successfully completing the seminar, students will be able to acquire legal research and argumentation skills, which will enable them to independently analyze and assess less complicated international issues from the legal lens.

This seminar will be structured around the following specific learning outcomes:
i) Identify and explain the causes of international conflicts and the structure of global issues;
ii) Identify the sources of international law and apply them to concrete situations;
iii) Analyze legal documents and provide interpretations to ambiguous rules;
iv) Explain the consequences of internationally wrongful conducts by States;
v) Explain the functions of major international institutions and mechanisms in promoting the international (global) rule of law.
演習の運営方法 / Ways of Conducting This Seminar
This seminar will be student-centered, and Lecturer will play a facilitating role. In the first part of the seminar, students will present in groups an academic article, a treaty regime or a case, while other students will raise questions and comments.
After acquiring basic knowledge, research methods as well as legal writing and presentation skills, in the second part of this seminar, students will have a chance to apply those knowledge and skill in the form of a simulation game.
開講言語 / Language
The use of Japanese will not be prohibited, but most of the discussions and reading materials will be in English.
使用するテキスト・参考文献などの紹介 / Texts and materials
It is strongly recommended that you obtain one of the two textbooks on international law.
- Henriksen, A. (2021). International law (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press. (The previous edition of this book was used as a textbook for "International Law EA" (AY2020))
- Klabbers, J. (2021). International law (3rd ed.). Cambridge University Press.

The following book containing the texts of important international legal documents may be useful.
Malcolm Evans (ed), Blackstone's International Law Documents (Oxford University Press, 14th edition, 2019) 9780198838784.
NOTE: An older version is fine. For instance, APU COOP may sell 13th edition.
Students will be required to conduct the broad and deep research of international law using library and online resources.
Useful starting points are:
Malcolm N. Shaw, International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2017);
Rüdiger Wolfrum (ed), The Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law (Oxford Oxford University Press, 2012-2013), available at the Reference Books corner.
受講生に望むこと / Expectations for Students
Students taking this seminar must be committed and willing to pursue teamwork.
ゼミ相談時間及びそれに関するコメント / Consultation Dates
Students interested in taking this seminar should consult the Lecturer prior to her/his registration.
Please send an e-mail to set an appointment, preferably during office hours.

Office Hour (Wed., 3rd period) 13:00-14:00
Please note that the office hour is not held on the Faculty Meeting days (Oct. 21, Nov. 25, Dec. 23).
この演習科目と関わって履修が望ましい科目 / Relevant Courses
[200 Level] International law EA, Human Rights EA/JA
[300 Level] Globalization and Law JA, International Dispute Settlement EA
想定される進路 / Potential Career Paths
Students can acquire the legal mindset and analytical skills, which are not only relevant for a legal career, but also in the field of diplomacy, international and domestic public sector, business, media, and social sector. 
ゼミで使用するオンラインデータベース / Online Databases
JSTORE, LexisNexis and other
申請結果発表後、履修開始までにやっておいて欲しいこと / Preparation before the Seimar Starts